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Parklift 411

The Parklift 411 for dependent parking of two cars above each other. Suitable for outdoor installation.
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Parklift 450

The new Parklift 450 system makes its launch on the market with some absolutely innovative advantages and aesthetics.
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Turntable rotation constitutes the ideal solution in the event of narrow and limited parking space entries and exits.
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Car Stacking & Parking Solutions

New Zealand’s most experienced car stacking company with over 130 car stacking installations complete (800 cars stacked) and 40 residential turntables and large truck turntables completed. Our company has been STACKING CARS FOR OVER  TWENTY YEARS with only the best European  Engineering approved systems/equipment and approved now in NZ  under the NZBC.

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Recent projects in the last two years. Truck Turntables -5 in Auckland CBD. Five semi automated systems with over 130 cars parked using the German system in Enfield Street and Browns Bay and Hobsonville with stacking systems used in the amazing Auckland City Mission. Car elevator systems finished and installed in Mt Eden Road Auckland and Devore Street-St Helliers. Over 50 residential car turntables completed in Wellington-Queenstown and all over Auckland. High quality and reliable systems for NZ’s very best commercial customers and construction companies. So where are the new projects. Auckland/Wellington/Napier/Tauranga/Queenstown and Wellington. More car spaces-more car elevator systems and yes we love turning vehicles around.