About us


Our Head Office base and design office is in Nelson with our Engineers based in Auckland and our Australasian Corporate office in Melbourne.

Backed by leading European Companies, Car Parking Solutions NZ Limited prides itself with key people and knowledge to provide this new service to New Zealand.

Contact us and we will provide promotional material / CD roms / videos to help choices to be made, projects to be investigated and lots more.

Car Parking Solutions NZ Limited (incorporating Car Stackers New Zealand Limited) is New Zealand’s leading specialist car stacking company.

Formed in 2001 to introduce brilliant European car stacking systems. These systems have been in existence for over 40 years but are new to New Zealand and will give the opportunity of maximizing car space at minimal cost.
In many cases the need is becoming greater to look for ways to maximize car space with building sites becoming smaller and of higher density.

Our systems can increase parking space by 100% – 200% in the family home, office building, or apartment building. Hospitals, car storage areas, hotels and even public car parking buildings are now encompassing these parking systems as a solution for their parking problems. In fact just about anywhere we will create more car parking space.

Parklift 411

We can park 2 cars through to 602 cars with our wide variety of systems.

Systems can cost as little as $15,000 through to “the sky is the limit” for large installations.

Our equipment can be installed in most cases to existing buildings and we also are pleased to look at any plans for new building project or alterations to existing buildings big and small.

We travel the length and breath of New Zealand to look at any project and pleased to provide ideas for the planning of your car parking project.