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Car turntable

Car parking Solutions Limited is New Zealand’s leading turntable supplier for cars and trucks offering a high quality and safe and reliable and affordable option to ease the problems of difficult turning circles.

As each turntable inquiry is different give us a call or drop us an email and we can supply details and approximate costs for residential turntables through to high capacity truck turntables of up to 30,000kgs. Some simple drawings of layout would be appreciated we can then advise on turning circles/drainage/power supply and the best possible application for your project. Some of the reasons why our customers are installing turntables in New Zealand.

  1. To ensure smooth and comfortable turning in tight garage areas.
  2. To ensure front entry on to the road to appease consent requirements
  3. To speed up parking time with a smooth remote control system and reduce the likelihood of damage to expensive vehicles.
  4. To add considerable value to a residential home.
  5. To ensure delivery of products and supplies is handled in a quick and efficient way in tight driveways and alleys and reduces backing and maneuvering and hence less queuing of commercial vehicles.

Some Basic facts:

  1. Normally installed on flat level surface however slight angle can be accommodated.
  2. Minimum pit excavation with strong outer rim for safety and durability.
  3. Operated by remote control with various speed option for the units.
  4. Allow in the budget from $30k plus gst for the small turntable plus the cost of power from the main board and excavation and concrete work. Many options from 4500mm wide to 5600mm wide tables depending on your needs.
  5. Short installation time for 2-4 days on site
  6. Low in maintenance and servicing
  7. Full comprehensive warranty available and quick and efficient call out service.

Truck Turntables

BENEFITS: Reduced dead space + Reduced costs + Increased ease of access + Increased safety + Increased operational efficiency.

Our consultants will work with you to find the most cost effective design solution for your business.

Click here to see our Truck Turntables specialised website.

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